Ifor Williams Trailer Covers

Ifor Williams trailer covers

Here at CoverIt we have a large range of Ifor Williams trailer covers. General Duty, Flatbed (LM/LT), P range (small domestic) and Tipper trailer covers.

We have standard short sided  trailer covers  available for trailers with or without ladder racks fitted. We also supply covers with long sides to fit trailers with mesh side kits. These have Velcro opening backs and on some ranges opening Velcro fronts as well. Additionally some of our ranges cater for trailers with ramp tailgates. This means we supply a three sided cover.

Our covers are a great way to cover your trailer. You can protect both your trailer and its contents from prying eyes and the weather.

See our range of products for a cover to fit your trailer. If you are at all unsure as to the type of cover you need then use our trailer cover guide  or feel free to contact us on 0787 9018484 and we will do our best to help.

If we do not have the style of cover that you need please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will probably be able to make one to your requirements. Prices include UK delivery. The price you see is the price you pay.

Ifor Williams trailer cover components

Trailer cover colour optionsAs weather conditions will be the main enemy of the cover we do all we can to minimise these effects. The fabric we use  is similar to that used on the sides of HGV’s. For maximum manoeuvrability combined with extreme durability we use a slightly thinner version. Our covers are available in blue, green and black so that your trailer can look smart whilst still being protected.

UV and rot resistant thread is used in the construction of all our trailer covers. This is a very important feature. You do not want the cover to fall apart after a year because the seams have rotted away or for the seams to turn white from the bleaching effect of the sun.

So that you can secure your cover whilst in transit we have added rust proof solid brass eyelets to the hems and supplied strong 8mm black shock cord as standard. This heavy duty shock cord is provided as one length which can then be cut to your exact requirements if necessary. The shock cord can be melted in a flame at the ends after cutting to prevent fraying.

All ladder rack holes have tarpaulin binding around them as this will reduce wear if the cover rubs against the metal posts during transit.

Opening back/front covers have velcro® that  is self adhesive and is also sewn on down both edges. This means that over time there is no issues with the velcro® coming away. Any open side edges of the cover have tarpaulin binding down their length to again protect against wear.


Why choose an Ifor Williams trailer cover from CoverIT?

CoverIt trailer covers have quality, durability and ease of use in mind.

Continuous hems are added around the whole trailer cover for standard or ramp tailgate trailers. This ties together each side of the cover to make it stronger at the corners.

Lm85 trailer cover with opening front for ladder rack in blue
Lm85 trailer cover with opening front for ladder rack


Our Ifor Williams trailer covers have Velcro opening fronts for standard trailers that have a ladder rack fitted. The front corners of the cover open allowing access to a slot for the ladder rack post to sit in. This excellent time saving feature lets you use your cover without removing the ladder rack. Additionally the cover fits tightly around the post.





Ifor Williams opening back trailer cover
Ifor Williams opening back trailer cover

An opening front cover has the front panel on the outside with the two side panels folding round underneath it. This is so that when travelling, the force of the slipstream on the front panel will keep the sides in place. The back panel however is the opposite way around so that as the slipstream travels the length of the trailer it doesn’t rip open the sides. As a result of both the opening front and opening back construction these covers have the added benefit of allowing side or rear loading. Once the cover is on, it can stay on.


Visit our gallery to see some examples of our Ifor Williams trailer covers.